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on August 5 & 6?

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SIA "Kokaudzētava Baltezers" Tel.: 67996370 E-mail: baltezers@baltezers.lv

Our philosophy

For more beautiful garden . . .

. . . For more beautiful flower bed in front of your house . . .

. . . for more beautiful park . . .

. . . for more beautiful environment.

Thinking about people who want to make their daily life prettier, we grow plants. It is the small thing we can give.

The morning comes and sun shines on the little plants – even those that are strangers to this place. For years they are monitored and once they pass all the tests they are propagated. Each year we offer something new to every gardener – both professional and beginner, therefore letting them to add to already existing greenery or to make completely new compositions in the garden.

With great enthusiasm and careful selection Varis Kazaks is looking for the most beautiful and lasting plants – for those that have something special in them. It is done so that gardeners, landscape designers, and other garden artists as well as the owners of little backyard gardens could plan, design different compositions. So that there would be a material for their plans that has rich choice of colors, different forms of corolla, plants that have interesting tempers and most importantly – plants that can grow in the climate of Latvia.

Beauty which you find in the garden or any other kind of art is the one thing that our heart longs for so passionately. Through making beautiful and harmonic things people become more kind, sincere, and open to love.

By taking care of the plants and our environment we not only make our Latvia look more gorgeous but we also receive immense joy that comes from plants, work, and love.

”Kokaudzētava Baltezers” exists so that your gardens would become more and more beautiful. 

. . . For more beautiful garden.

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