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Coniferous trees

Conifer species are carefully selected, so we can offer most decorative and hardiness (also, with better disease resistance). There are more then 130 evergreen coniferous species and varieties in our assortment. We offer wide choice of conifers with different growth habits:

  • medium sized plants – cypresses, thujas, yews, mountain pines;
  • small sized plants – junipers, spruces, cypresses, thujas, thujopsis;
  • groundcovering plants (0.2 – 1.5 m) – junipers, microbiotas, yews.

There are conifers with interesting shapes of form and various color of foliage for creating a garden.

We also offer conifers for hedges – sorts of thujas, Canadian spruces, yews.

pendulous, weeping pyramidal, conical
globular, round semi-globular
prostrate, low spreading
funnel-shaped columnar
Foliage color:
  • green - dark green;
  • bluish - bluish green - bluish grey;
  • yellow - yellowish green;
  • orange-yellow.


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