Will you attend Open Doors Days
on August 5 & 6?

For more information, press here.

Yes, I attend every year.
Yes, I will attend for the first time.
No. I can't but would like to attend.
No. Not interested.
What are those?
SIA "Kokaudzētava Baltezers" Tel.: 67996370 E-mail: baltezers@baltezers.lv

Daugmales Lilijas - Sīpolpuķes

Pasākums beidzies - Līdz 2019. gada pavasarim

Will visit us on May 18

Event has ended

Guntis Grants
phone: 29297217
e-mail: daugmaleslilijas@gmail.com
www: daugmaleslilijas.lv

Coming next:

May: 11, 18

Event has ended

Jānis Dukaļskis
phone: 26318938
e-mail: dukalskis.janis@gmail.com
www: daugmaleslilijas.lv

Coming next:

April: 5 & 6


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