Do you plan this year to plant a hedge?

*What is hedge? Look here!

Already planted!
SIA "Kokaudzētava Baltezers" Tel.: 67996370 Fax: 67904842 E-mail: baltezers@baltezers.lv


Till October 10 = 30% discount to ALL plants grown by us / 20% discount to plants from other nurseries
These plants are marked with discount label
See Price List of plants with discount: (here)
All Discounts can be obtained by showing a discount card. Haven't received yet?
You can register by filling out the form on our website (here) or at our trading place ("Sabīņi", Ādažu novads).

Fruit tree plants - z/s Liepas will be visiting us on October 9 - 9:00-18:00; on October 10 - 9:00-13:00
Working hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00-17:00, Friday 9:00-18:00, Saturday 9:00-13:00, Sunday - closed; Working Season: March1 - December 23 Gift cards - Is there a better gift then that? – NOW you can buy online

Plants in plastic containers can be planted from early spring till late autumn.

Worth looking!

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